LIMU REVIEW - Is Limu The Most Extensive Scam Of The Century?

This Limu review will take a look at the Limu company, a multilevel marketing company, established in 2003 by President Gary Raser - a widely known direct sales veteran. The Limu company offers three products: Original Limu juice, lil Limu juice, and Blu Frog. Inside each drink is filled with a certain blend of the Limusuper food. Undeniably, the product position and company marketing are great.

Marketing is all about listening to your prospective client and giving them just what they want. It isn't about convincing anyone of anything but simply permitting someone to tell you what's they need and then delivering it to them.

The Limu company slogan is "Live better". Nevertheless does this refer to the benefits of the Limu opportunity in addition to the health advantages? Maybe or Maybe not. Is this company a valuable business opportunity or a Limu scam? We'll resolve these questions all through this Limu review.

Look for an enterprise which has room to mature. MLM companies that happen to be new and offer a product or service which is usually with current trends are the more than likely to be effective.

Limu Juice Product Details

Limu is essentially a health drink. The company got the main component for the Limu juice beverage from the island of Tonga in the Pacific. This component is said to treat numerous ailments and enhance long life and good health. Science has verified the Limu superfood to be packed with 70 fundamental nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and so on. In addition, on their main web site, the company lists added benefits of the product. Nevertheless despite the very long list of health advantages, the most important question is whether the Limu marketing plan is for you?

In the business environment its generally the success of another that motivate the next big business enterprise to be a success. When you consider organization to mirror, look in to the monavie success which has been achieved in a brief period of time.

Limu Company Overview

Many multilevel marketing companies are built the exact same and Limu is not omitted from this list. The Limu company seems out for the income and not for their marketers. First and foremost is their starter package: the presentation is fantastic however, where is the Limu juice sample? Nearly all reputable network marketing companies include a sample of some sort. Not just photos of the product. This is strike one.

This review is meant to clearly state whether Xyngular is a scam or a genuine home business opportunity. The founder of xyngular is a man named Marc Walker, a former chief management officer for the successful company Xango, but started out his own network marketing company offering supplement products.

And the frustration goes on. The Limu company promises to have grown faster than Nike, Miscrosoft, Dell, Kraft etc., but is that growth under fake pretenses. I would say yes. Success of the company does not mean good results for the marketers. What type of marketing plan does Limu have in position for the distributor. Nadda but industry standard. And the industry standard: 97% of distributors fail. So the "Make a list of your family and friends" marketing plan is yet another frustration.

FINALLY! A simple and easy way for you to learn proven methods that will really allow you to draw in an endless supply of qualified leads & prospective clients for your own business -and absolutely get PAID to prospect.

Limu Review Conclusion

First, the Limu juice product is great. Secondly, you may also be thinking: Is this a Limu scam? The reply is No. Nevertheless, statistics to shock and awe are ineffective unless they put more cash in your wallet. The only way to put more cash in your wallet is to make sure they have a marketing plan enabling you to promote more of the Limu juice product or recruit 10-50 distributors every month. If not look elsewhere.

LIMU REVIEW - Is Limu The Most Extensive Scam Of The Century?
In case you are thinking about subscribing to LIMU as a business option, or somebody has informed you regarding the Limu products, I highly recommend going through review FIRST to figure out the SHOCKING TRUTH.

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